Your Parish Councillors

Andrea Hall

Andrea recently joined Ruyton XI Towns Parish Council and represents the Parish Council on the Shropshire Council Local Joint Committee and is also one of the SALC Area Committee representatives.

Having worked at board level, in the corporate world for many years, Andrea brings a wealth of marketing and business experience to the role, as well as a good understanding of the wider needs of the community. She is also a Trustee for The Qube, an established charity based in Oswestry that provides wellbeing, art, promotes local culture and also provides transport services for the community in North Shropshire and the border counties.

Andrea currently works for a UK/German company based in Mold but also helps her husband with a newly formed Shropshire bath bomb and handmade soap product company.

Mr Trevor Allison………..Tel 260899 E :

Mr Andrew Johnston(Chair) T 260991 E :

Mr David Spicer………..T 260163 E :

Mrs Avi Sanders Royle …Tel 261262 E :

Mrs Andrea Hall…… 07713 520245 E:

Mr Simon Gittins…..T 260273 E:

Mr Ryan Harrison…….07736 577955 E:

Mr Scott Denyer……….07357701234 E:

Robert Edwards…….Tel 260451 E:

All above land line telephone numbers are prefixed with STD code 01939
There are now two parish councillor vacancies, should you be interested in applying please contact the Clerk Sue Hackett in the first instance. Contact details can be found below.

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