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Community Speed Watch aims:

  • To help local people address speeding problems in their own area
  • Increase driver and public awareness of the dangers of speeding
  • Improve community safety


See What to Expect which answers a lot of the questions that you might have.


This is what you can expect if you volunteer for the Community Speed Watch Scheme:

1)    Training tends to take between 2 – 3 hours as there is an indoor theory part and an outdoor part where we look at the locations where the team will operate and have a go using the speed monitoring device. All members of the team are required to attend the training.

2)    We do not get negative feedback to our teams and we put things in place to provide support to our teams such as, working with local policing teams, providing high vis and signs that state they are speed watch volunteers. Also we provide teams with an letter which can be handed to anyone who has questions about the scheme. The letter provides contact details for the local policing team.

3)    Speed watch is more of an deterrent. It operates in areas where our data recorders show speeds are not high and we send warning letters with advice on them to drivers picked up by speed watch teams. Speed watch is aimed more at education than enforcement and aims to solve people’s perception of speed.

4)    Once the training is done, it is up to the speed watch teams to choose the times they wish to do their monitoring and how long for. Most groups tend to go out once a week for an hour but this is weather dependent and dependent on people other commitments. We only expect teams to operate in daylight hours. All our teams operate as a group of 3 at all times.

5)    The equipment provided is: The speed monitoring device in its case, 3 high vis long sleeve jackets and 2 ‘community speed monitoring’ signs. The cost of these is secured through Safer Roads Partnership.

Should you like to volunteer and become part of the small team operating in Ruyton XI Towns please complete the (attached) form and email it to the Clerk who will forward it to West Mercia Police  Force.

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